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Established in 2005, Trinity is positioned as a thinking builder. Trinity carefully selects and plans its projects. The company has successfully delivered 6 projects to date and another half a dozen are underway. Trinitys core advantage is its speed and ability to understand customer needs, a fact that Trinitys peers in the industry have themselves acknowledged. Customer preferences are researched extensively and these preferences are the building blocks on which projects are designed. Trinitys collaborations with talented architects have resulted in innovative and aesthetic living options.

Trinity takes pride in bringing to its customers, Projects that are Luxurious and grand while maintaining their personal touch at the same time. Trinitys credibility gets further corroborated by the fact that within the first three years of its inception, 270 apartments have been completed spread over four Projects. Since then Trinity has moved from Strength to strength, with over 1500 dwelling units having been conceived across 13 different projects, offering Superior finish at attractive rates.

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