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The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) is the apex body of organized Real Estate Developers Associations, representing over 22,000 Real Estate Developers across 21 States and 220 cities of India. The State Chapter, CREDAI Kerala comprises of 5 City Chapters at Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Thrissur & Palakkad. CREDAI Kochi is the first and largest city Chapter and is registered under the Travancore - Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955.


CREDAI is essentially meant to promote the interest of Builders and therefore, regular promotional activities like Property Shows are conducted, to help in brand building of the Members. CREDAI also conducts Seminars and Training programmes for the benefit of its members.


Membership in the Association is open to all persons engaged in the profession / business as Builders. The admission is subject to the criteria stipulated by the Membership Committee of the Association from time to time. The applicant seeking membership will have to apply in the prescribed form along with the required details called for.

Admission of members:

The Membership Committee will consider the application/s. The application/s meeting the stipulated criteria will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval. The authority is vested with the Executive Committee to give membership to any applicant. The Applicant will be appointed as provisional member for the initial period of one year. The provisional member will be granted permanent membership after 1 year subject to review by the Executive Committee. Every member, whether permanent/ provisional, will have equal privileges but for voting rights which are reserved only for permanent members.

Criteria for Selection:

  • 1. Credibility and Reputation of the applicant.

  • 2. Proven professional & business ethics.

  • 3. Financial Status.

  • 4. The applicant should have completed.

  •     (a) 5000 Sq.metres for applicants from within the State.

  •     (b) 30,000 Sq. meters for applicants from outside the State.

Other documents to be submitted:

  • 1. Profile of the Firm & Directors with details of other business.

  • 2. Brochure /leaflets on completed and ongoing projects.

  • 3. Copy of the Occupation certificate of Completed projects

  • 4. List of 25 customers of the applicant.

  • 5. Report of Ongoing Projects.

  • 6. Previous year's balance sheet along with financial statement from Bankers or Chartered Accountant.

  • 7. Reference from Bankers & Chartered Accountant.

  • 8. Report on the organizational set up of the applicant.

  • 9. Details of membership in any other Associations / CREDAI chapters.

Statutory Payments:

Members have to make the following statutory payments as applicable at the time of admission:-

  • 1. Entrance Fee - Rs. 3 lakhs*

  • 2. Annual Membership Fee - Rs. 48,000/-*

  • 3. Website linking charges - Rs. 3000/-*

*Taxes extra as applicable

The Entrance fee and the Annual membership fee for the year is payable at the time of admission as a member. The membership fee for continuing financial years shall become due on the first day of the said financial year and shall be paid not later than the last day of June every year. The above mentioned fees and charges paid to the Association are not refundable. In addition, a building fund @ Rs. 0.50 per sq.ft on the saleable area of the project is to be paid by the members for the ongoing projects and for projects to be launched in future. Members are required to furnish the details of the projects to the Association immediately on the commencement of projects.

All payments shall be in favour of CREDAI Kochi payable at Ernakulam.

Cessation of membership:

A member may resign from his membership by giving 30 days notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary to that effect, and upon expiry of the notice period such member shall cease to be member of the Association. The resignation shall be accepted by the Executive Committee only after settlement of any dues to the Association. Membership is deemed to be terminated if the dues from a member fall in arrears for more than six months. Membership shall also be terminated on the grounds specified in the bye-laws of the Association. Any member, immediately on resignation/cessation or termination of membership, shall refrain from using the word 'Member CREDAI' and the 'Logo of CREDAI KOCHI' as a prefix /suffix in their stationeries / promotional materials / or advertisement both in press & electronic media with effect from the date of resignation/termination of membership.

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