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CREDAI Clean City Movement

Kochi is fast becoming a burgeoning metropolis in the state, with various developmental projects in the pipeline. As a natural outcome of the rapid urbanization, the issue of waste disposal has become bid burden on the LSG and the public. The garbage menace has reached a point where it is no longer the responsibility of the Government to keep the city clean and healthy, but of every citizen has a fair share to do.

CREDAI KOCHI has taken this cause one step further by launching a nodal agency called the "CREDAI Clean City Movement", as part of its Social Responsibility programme. The implementation of the project is also linked with poverty alleviation whereby women from economically weaker section of the Association are given employment.

CREDAI KOCHI decided to implement the Eco friendly waste management system, the Aerobic Microbial composting system, a solid waste management successfully tested and approved by Clean Kerala mission vide Govt. order GO(RT)459/2005/LSGD dt.03.02.05.

Solid Waste Management

The idea of Solid Waste Management germinated in 2007, when the 'Garbage Crisis' of 2007 hit Kochi. CREDAI Kochi came forward with a far-sighted solution – an eco-friendly solid waste management system for the high rise apartments with the focus on health, hygiene and safety measures. CREDAI Kochi set up a committed team with adequate funds to execute the action plan. In 2007, a trail project was implemented in a few selected apartment complexes. The eco-friendly waste management technique uses the aerobic microbial composting system for solid waste Management.

Awareness Campaign

An awareness campaign with the aid of audio-visual presentations was initiated in the apartment complexes intending to enlighten the residents. The Initial reluctance to implement the segregation of waste at source gradually subsided and the success of the system provided wider acceptance for this unique social initiative. Today, 90% of apartments in the city of Kochi are covered by this scheme.

Bio Digester Bin for apartments
Bio Digester Pots for individual homes

The Clean City Movement uses Bio-Digestors to process the Bio-Degradable Organic Waste. The Bio-Degradable Waste is deposited in 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2.5 feet high Bio Digestrors and is sprayed with Organic solution. Consequently the Aerobic Microbial composting system, based on the bio-trigger mechanism, scientifically combines the naturally occurring microbes and decomposes the waste within 15 to 20 days. The decomposed waste obtained makes an excellent organic fertilizer. Corporation of Kochi approved the system and made it mandatory in all apartment complexes during 2009.


The implementation of the project is also linked with poverty alleviation, as more than 600 women from EWS families are given employment.


This initiative by CREDAI Kochi has attracted numerous and prestigious awards and accolades from the Government of Kerala, as given below:

  • Award for the Best Environmental Programme.
  • Award for the Best Technology.
  • Award for the Best promoter of Hygiene Maintenance Programme.


CREDAI Clean City Movement has been appointed as the participating agency in integrated Solid Waste Management programme organized by Corporation of Kochi, KSUDP and District Administration. Certificates are issued to all builders who have implemented bio-bin system for self contained solid waste management. The certificate of CREDAI Clean City Movement is accepted by Corporation as proof of implementing self contained Solid Waste Management system in building complexes while applying for completion certificate.

Clean Toilets: -

Inauguration of the public toilet system at the Collectorate, Kakkanad, Ernakulam by District Collector Dr. M. Beena IAS, constructed by CREDAI Clean City Movement in association with BPCL, Kochi Refinery.
Outside view of the public toilet.

Clean Toilets constructed and maintained by CREDAI Clean City Movement was the first public private participation project of hygiene management in the land provided by District Collector during 2008. The quality of maintenance of the Clean Toilets during the last 5 years is a role model replicable in other parts of the city. The plan and design for constructing a new clean toilet system, in the Greater Kochi Development Authority (GCDA) premises at Kadavanthra is under process. Better Kochi Response Group(BKRG) is the design facilitator

Mundamveli Rehabilitation centre

The Rehabilitation Centre was constructed by CREDAI KOCHI at Mundamveli and was handed over to Corporation of Kochi.

The former Mayor Mrs. Mercy Williams and the Deputy Mayor of Kochi Mr. Manishankar, at the inaugural function along with Mr. M.V. Antony, Hon. Sec. of CREDAI Kochi.


To provide total solution in solid waste management, suitable arrangements are being made to handle bio-medical and E- waste. Thus, CREDAI Kochi is on the verge of achieving a holistic system of solid waste management in the apartment complexes.

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